You got invited to a Cayman Destination wedding, how wonderful!  Cayman is beautiful and the tropical climate the perfect choice for a amazing Destination wedding. Average temperature in the winter month ranges between 75-85 degrees and in the summer between 75-95.

Most wedding guest choose to share our spacious 3 bedroom suites, each bedroom is private and has it’s own bathroom. The suites are like large homes offering expansive living rooms, fully gourmet kitchen, washer/dryer, and a fully furnished balcony overlooking Seven Mile Beach. The perfect space to catch up with old friends and make new once.

Traveling to Cayman is easy, only an hours flight from Miami! (Airport code GCM)  Direct flights are available from cities like: Miami, Tampa, New York, Dallas, Houston, Panama, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Atlanta, Detroit,  Havanna (Cuba), London (England).

Here are a few airline choices that offer direct flights to Grand Cayman:

Entry Requirement: Valid Passport (Guests traveling with a green card, need to bring their green card to re-enter the US)